attentify helping children with adhd and their parents redesign to improve conversion rate Attentify works with technology that helps children with ADHD and their parents gain more insight into the ADHD diagnosis and how it affects the child’s concentration. Our goal was to create a visual identity that reflects Attentify’s approach by creating a friendly […]


curvex discover the potential of your brain discover the potential of your brain CURVEX is a software and development house, and therefore it is a smaller company that develops software and several devices, including a brain scanner that can monitor the activity levels and the stressful fluctuations that might occur in the individual, so he […]


fortis your personal strength training app YOUR PERSONAL STRENGTH TRAINING APP Fortis is a company that strives to help people in their training, more specifically their strength training. They want to give people some tools that can benefit them in their daily lives. When the customer contacted MeeW, neither the visual identity for the brand, […]