helping children

with adhd and

their parents

redesign to improve conversion rate

Attentify works with technology that helps children with ADHD and their parents gain more insight into the ADHD diagnosis and how it affects the child’s concentration.

Our goal was to create a visual identity that reflects Attentify’s approach by creating a friendly and playful universe. In designing the website and webshop, we added playful animations and interactive elements to enhance the user experience. We found this project to be both enjoyable and fulfilling to work on.

Web design





3D Modelling

Visual Identity

Graphic Design

creating a playful universe for

children and their parents

creating a playful universe for children and their parents

Attentify mockups of roll-ups

We brought the playful spirit of the brandbook to life through the web design. Every aspect of the design, from the landing page to the checkout flow of the webshop, features elements of the visual identity, ensuring a cohesive and consistent look and feel.

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